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On behalf of SDAVACATIONS and its team, thank you for joining us on the 13-day Royal Caribbean Mediterranean Cruise. We also thank you for your patience and the value you added to our time of touring, getting to know each other, our spiritual seminars, and worship.


Dear SDAVacations clients, as you know, the Haifa and Jerusalem tours were cancelled by the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, not by us. I reached out to Moshea, the organizer of Yedidya Travel in Israel, to give you updates on the reimbursements. The letter below is based on the conditions and financial restraints that Moshea and his company are facing in light of the Israel and Palestine conflict.

“You paid Yedidya travel. Now there are few things I would like to bring to your attention.1. At the last six months the Yedidya team (5 people) were working very hard on your trip, driving up and down from the north to the south, making sure that everything will be as close to perfect as possible. 2. Salaries were paid and payments to service providers were paid.  3. 500 bottles of water were purchased for the guests.4. 450 baptism robes bought.5. Endless hours of zoom meeting with the guides, working and perfecting every detail of the rout and program.I don’t know if you realize that, but if not, I will tell you that most agents did not pay back the clients. They did say that due to the war, they consider the trip postponed to a later time. As you see, I am not one of those agents and I did pay you back all the money that luckily I had no time to pay all the service providers.

Here is what we are facing now my friend.  Israel is fighting a very hard war, cleaning the world of this evil that I’m sure you saw on the media. This war is not only with Gaza, and its expending to the north too. A lot of people are drafted, but the war will be over eventually and then we can continue planning our future groups and trips. Right now no one is working normally and a lot of people can’t work at all, especially at the tourist industry which is completely disabled. I tell you honestly that I can’t ask my team to pay me their salaries back and I can’t recover the heavy expenses I had for this trip. I will continue with recovering the money I paid when it will be possible and this will be after the war. From this amount I will cut my expenses and I will pay you back the rest.

However, as I strongly believe in our future business, I will deduct the total of my expenses from our future groups, and you will lose nothing.  As soon as I recover the money, I will send it to you. We did not want this war but we will fight it until the end. The name of the game now is PATIENCE.—Yedidya Travel"

On behalf of SDAVacations, I will keep you posted of any updates we receive. We will begin to process reimbursements based on the funds we received from Yedidya Travel. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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13-Day Holy Land Cruise

Through the Mediterranean

OCTOBER 2-15, 2023



Price Increases September 1

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Rome, Italy

Chania, Crete

Santorini, Greece

Ephesus, Turkey

Halfa, Israel

Jerusalem, Israel

Mykonos, Greece

Athens, Greece

Naples, Italy


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Ron Smith
President Southern Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
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Retired Pastor of Plantation Seventh-day Adventist Church
John Lomacang
Pastor Thompsonville SDA Church & 3ABN Director of World Evangelism